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  • Portable - Works on any Java/J2ME Enabled Mobile Device or Laptop.
  • Sensors - Display your vehicles sensor data.
  • Alarms - User Defineable Visual Alarms. Audio Aarms in the works.
  • Diagnostics - Display your vehicles Trouble Codes
  • Protocols
    • ELM OBD2 with a few Vehicle Specific additions
    • Subaru SSM
    • Innovate LC1
  • Flexible - Complete control over the display layout and values

Planned Features

  • Colors - User Definable Color Themes
  • Alarms - Audible User Definable Sensor Alarms
  • Performance - 0-60, 1/4 mile and Horsepower Calculations
  • Gauges - Additional Gauge Types, like LED, Thermometer, Sweep and more
  • Protocols - More Vehicle specific and other Protocols


  • Java Enabled Mobile Device
  • ECU Tracker SE on a Java Enabled Laptop/Desktop with Java 6 installed.
  • Diagnostics Interface
    • SSM - The Subaru SSM Protocol allows for faster sensor access to Subaru specific sensors and values
    • ELM - The ELM protocol provides a common interface to all OBDII vechiles. Including vehicles with the CAN protocol
    • LC1 - The Innovate LC-1 Wideband O2 Sensor/Controller


ECU Tracker lets you control what gauges you want to see, how you want to see them, and what values they display. You can create as many or as few pages of gauges as you require. To start customizing your own look and feel, go to the My Devices page.

Supported Devices

This is a list of currently tested and confirmed devices that work with ECU Tracker. If your device is not on the list, don't worry, it's very possible it works with ECU Tracker, but has not yet been tried. That's the benefit to the J2ME Mobile Runtime, it's designed to be very compatible across many devices.

Confirmed Mobile Devices

  • Sony Ericsson W760
  • Blackbery Bold 9000
  • Palm Pilot TX with IBM J9 Java Runtime

Laptop/Desktop - ECU Tracker SE
Allows for full Laptop/Desktop support.

  • Windows 2k/XP with Java 1.6 Installed (tested)
  • Linux with Java 1.6 Installed (Tested)
  • Mac OSx with Java 1.6 Instaled (untested)

ECU Communications Devices

  • All ELM327 Communications Devices
  • OBDKey Communications Module in both ELM327 Emulation mode, and Subaru SSM Mode
  • OBDLink ELM327 Module
  • VagCom USB Cable through the Subaru SSM Protocol. I got mine from AccMonster on eBay.
  • Tactrix OpenPort USB Cable through the Subaru SSM Protocol
  • Innovate LC-1 Wideband Controller directly connected through a Serial Port

Observed Performance

The following list shows an average peformance of various interfaces as observed on specific vehicles. The time values are in milliseconds (ms).

  • 2000 Subaru Impreza 2.5 RS OBD2-ISO9141
    • Tactrix Open Port 1.3 USB cable via Subaru SSM Protocol - 2 values every 62ms, 6 values every 95ms.
    • LC-1 through standard DB9 Serial Port - 1 value every 80ms.
    • OBDKey Bluetooth in Subaru SSM Protocol - 5 values every 210ms.
    • OBDLink ELM327 Bluetooth - 1 value every 240ms.
    • OBDKey Bluetooth in ELM327 mode - 1 value every 295ms.
    • eBay Generic ELM327 with Bluetooth - 1 value every 360ms.
  • 2004 Subaru Forester XT OBD2-KWP2000
    • Tactrix Open Port 1.3 USB cable via Subaru SSM Protocol - 2 values every 62ms, 6 values every 95ms
    • OBDLink ELM327 Bluetooth - 1 value every 155ms
    • eBay Generic ELM327 with Bluetooth - 1 value every 340 milliseconds

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