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A Newer, Simpler kind of mileage tracking system.

What's New

If you stumbled upon this site, congrats! But be warned. This is not a site that is yet ready for full time public use. It will be in the near future, but as it sits right now, we are very much in Alpha testing. That means there are bugs and incomplete parts all over the place. So, with that said, welcome, create an account, use the site as much as you want, and have a look around. As development continues, we welcome your feedback.

What is is here to let you quicly and easily keep track the mileage off all your vehicles. Not just cars and truck, but anything that consumes a fuel source. Whether it be a boat, plane, RC car or even your 100% Electric Scooter, we can help you track your mileage. We have tried to make it as easy as possible for people to enter their tank fillups. You can send a TEXT message from a mobile phone, access the Mobile Web version of the site, or enter your fillup data with our dedicated application (still in development). No more need to write it down on a piece of paper and enter it into a spead sheet at home.

(Still in Development) can also help you keep track of your vehicles Maintenance. No longer do you need to keep asking your Son or Wife if their car is due for an Oil Change or not. You can easily see that as they enter their fillup data. can also send you email reminders about up coming maintenance.

As well as the ability to track your MPG, we can also help you with tracking the real-time mileage of your car. ECU Tracker can be used to view your vehicles mileages while you drive.

Site Stats

We currently have 1097 users tracking 430 fillups on 169 vehicles through 22 mobile devices.

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