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What gives with this site?
I know, sorry about that. This site is just not ready for 100% prime time use yet. I'm working on adding features, and fixing bugs as fast as I can. So, please bear with me. In the mean time, feel free to nose around, and try out the bits that do work! I promise, I'll have it all going soon enough!

When can I use MPG Tracker?
You can use it right now! We're still working on the site, so some parts are broken, and others are incomplete, but the core functionality is in place.
Is there a Mobile Version?
Yes, and Not Yet. Yes, in that there is a mobile device ready version of the website here And not, in that the Mobile Device Application for Java enabled phones, and iPhones is not done yet.

Why do I keep getting a "Com/BT port not setup" error?
This message pops up when you try to connect ECUTracker to a device, but you have not yet setup the Serial or Bluetooth port to connect through. Go to the "Settings" and "Serial Port" or "Bluetooth Device" screens. If however, you have already done this, try re-starting ECUTracker. I've noticed on some devices that after setting the serial port the first time, it doesn't take affect until after a restart.
Why don't I see a "Bluetooth Device" menu option in the settigns screen?
Not all devices support Bluetooth Communications. And, some that do have bluetooth, don't have the Bluetooth API built into their JVM. For example, my Palm Pilot TX has full Bluetooth Support. However the IBM J9VM for Palm Devices does not support Bluetooth. In this instance, I have to use the serial port named "rfcm". The "rfcm" serial port is a special bluetooth abstract serial port.
Will ECUTracker run on my XXXXX phone?
This is going to be an ever growing list as users test and report back. Here is the current list:
  • Android - I'm working on an Android Specific Version right now.
  • Nokia - Most Nokia Phones include a J2ME Runtime. It should work fine
  • Sony Ericsson - Most Sony Ericsson Phones include a J2ME Runtime. It should work fine
  • iPhone - Alas, no. Sorry iPhone users. iPhones have no J2ME runtime
  • BlackBerry - Yep, at least it's running fine on my Wifes Blackberry 9000
What do you mean it won't run on my iPhone?
I'm not exactly pleased about this fact either! But Apple decided to NOT allow the iPhone to run any of the thousands of existing J2ME applications already available. the iPhone does not include a J2ME Runtime. So why not write a version for the iPhone too? As a software developer, look at this from my point of view. Write a rather complex piece of code that runs on 95% of the mobile devices out there, and re-write it to work on the iPhone too. Now I have to try and maintain 2 totally seperate code bases for the same program. Argh!! I just don't have the free time for this. Sorry. There is hope though! I suspect that an iPhone that has been "Jailbroken" should run this program. I just need to find someone willing to try.
Can I run ECU Tracker on my Laptop?
Yes! I've recently released an Alpha version full desktop port of ECU Tracker. I currently have it running in my InCarPC. Keep an eye out for it's official release.
Wha'ts up with the rather plain looking graphics?
It's true, the gauges and display graphics are not fancy nor full of lots of color. I did this for the main reason of performance and scalability! Since I want ECU Tracker to work well on as many mobile devices as possible, I had to keep the performance hogging graphics in check. In other words, the more fancy the gauges get, the more power your phone needs. So, I opted for performance over looks. Also, the gauges are dynamically drawn at run-time, allowing for them to be correctly scaled to the display resolution on any device. I will be adding more gauges in the future, and upgrading the looks of the current ones. But, don't expect 3D modeled graphics with anti-aliased shading. Hopefully just a bit more modern of a look.
Can I log data with ECU Tracker?
No. ECU Tracker doesn't have any Logging capabilities. The reason for this is because ECU Tracker is intended to be a "Real Time" value display. One in which you can quickly and easily glance and see the values. I didn't deisgn if for data logging and tuning diagnostics. Besides, there are countless free and inexpensive Data Logging applications available for tuners. And these apps data log very well. So, I didn't see a need to re-invent Data Logging. It's possible that some form of rather simple Data Logging might be implemented one day though.

When can I use GTracker?
As soon as I upload it to the server! It's nothing too overly exciting of a program anyway.

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