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This site started as just a pet-project one day. I found both a desire to track my and my Wifes mileage, as well as a need to monitor maintenance on both of our cars. Both fairly easy things to do, but in reality way to easy to put off and forget all together.

Calculating our Mileage was easy enough to do. Just reset the Trip meeter, and calculate it against the fuel put in. But it didn't allow for any sort of history. Neither did it make it easy for me, because my car is in Km/H, but I refill in US Gallons. One more step needed to calculate my MPG.

Tracking maintenance was both easy and hard. It was easy for me to know when my car was due for an Oil Change or new Plugs. I drive it every day, and know how many miles are on the clock. But, tracking my Wifes car was just a bit more work. Not that it is hard to open the door, and look at the Odometer. But it would be so much easier if my Wife knew when the next Oil change was. Alas, it's not something that matters as much to her, so it's easy for her to just forget.

I thought, there just had to be an easier way to do this! I am afterall a Software Engineer. Surely I could come up with something! And Voila! this site is born. A means to track your vehicles Mileage, Maintenance and even real-time Sensor Display!

I hope that my need for this info, which resluted in the creation of this site, also benefits you as much as it does me!

Perhaps enough to solicit a Donation!

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